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Bank of America Home Loans

Those who are looking for a home loan should make certain that they understand the various options available to them. Bank of America home loans are known for providing several alternatives to those who find themselves struggling with their payments and are facing foreclosure. If you have obtained a mortgage through Bank of America and are worried you may not be able to continue making your payments in a timely manner then speak to your lender right away. Bank of America home loans includes loan modification as well. Those who’ve obtained a home loan through Bank of America and are suddenly experiencing hardships in their financial status should not delay but speak to their lender about important steps that they can take to save their home, including loan modification.

Homeowners that think they may miss a home loan payment should contact their lender to determine which strategy is best for their personal situation. Those who have equity in their home may find that borrowing against that equity can help delay financial difficulties and help them obtain a new loan used to make payments. Some options include refinancing and modification. Those who have at least 10% equity in their home may be able to refinance to a lower interest rate. Additionally, those whose mortgage payments are up to 31% of their monthly income may qualify for loan modification, which consists of a new loan term and payment structure. Those who seek to refinance their Bank of America home loans may need to show that they are experiencing a hardship. Those who are currently unemployed may qualify for special programs, so don’t hesitate to let your lender know about your current situation.

Those who are in the military may find that they qualify for loan modification through the Making Home Affordable program. It’s important to understand that there are different eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the Making Home Affordable Program, so it’s important to perform your research and choose a home loan carefully.

If you owe more on your mortgage then your home is worth you may find that it is best to speak to your lender about loan modification or refinancing your loan. If you can prove to your lender that you are experiencing a financial hardship, the lender can choose to offer you a new payment structure through loan modification that will give you affordable monthly payments with a lowered interest rate. Those who do not have enough equity in their home may still qualify for Home Affordable Refinancing if they are the owner of a single family home or a unit in a two-four multi family home and are current on your mortgage payments. The loan should be owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mack and the loan to value ration should be 105% or less. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for refinancing then speak to your lender immediately. There is a good chance that you may qualify for additional programs.

Those who are 62-years-old and over may qualify for a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage can help seniors free up their equity. If you already have a reverse mortgage and are in danger of losing your home you may find help with your lender. Those who have established a reverse mortgage and have a line of credit may be able to adjust some of their reverse mortgage funds in order to pay their homeowners insurance and yearly property tax. Those who need money to make their monthly payments may be able to work with their lender and apply some of their assets to their mortgage payments. It is best to contact your lender before you fall behind on your mortgage payments. If you foresee any difficulties paying your mortgage then speak to your lender immediately. Bank of America home loans provide many options to those in danger of falling behind on their payments.

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